Hi there! I’m sure you have a basic idea of how you’d like things to unfold, but I’d be more than happy to guide you in regard to how much time I’ll need to document various 
aspects of your day, like family and bridal party portraits. If you’d like, I could look over your basic outline for your day to ensure we’re on the same page. Here are some important things for me to know. 

1. Where will you be getting ready?
2. If you’re not getting ready at the ceremony location, how far is the bridal prep location from the ceremony location?
3. What time is the ceremony?
4. What time is the cocktail hour and reception?
5. Are you planning to see the groom before the ceremony for portraits?

Based on my years as a wedding photographer, I feel confident estimating how much time I’ll need for aspects of the day, but to ensure we’re on the same page, here’s a breakdown of what I’ll need to document everything perfectly. This is merely a suggestion.

60 minutes - Bride/Groom Prep (I’ll be with the bride, my second shooter will be with the groom)
30 minutes - Bridal Party Photos
30 minutes - Bride + Groom Photos
30 minutes - Family Photos (if you have large extended families, it may take twice that time)
20 minutes - Reception Decor Photos
15 minutes - Ceremony Decor Photos

If you are choosing to have a first look this will allow plenty of time for photos as well as a relaxed atmosphere with more time to party! :) 

Here is a sample wedding timeline that you help you.

Jennifer and Joseph Wedding Timeline

2:00pm Photographer arrival 
2:30pm Bridesmaids get dressed // Photographer photographs last-minute hair and makeup touchups 
2:45pm Bride gets dressed
2:55pm Groom departs for First Look
3:00pm Bride departs for First Look
3:10pm First Look
3:40pm Bridal party photos
4:10pm Immediate family photos
4:30pm Bride gets tucked away from early arriving guests and touchups before Ceremony
4:40pm Photographers photograph Ceremony decor
4:55pm Bridal party lines up for Ceremony
5:00pm Ceremony
5:30pm End of Ceremony // Guests head to cocktail hour
5:40pm Extended family photos
5:55pm Sunset photos of bride and groom (optional)
6:10pm Photos commence
6:15pm Photographers photograph Reception decor and cocktail hour 
6:30pm Guests invited to enter Reception and find their seats
6:40pm Grand Entrance
6:50pm First Dance
7:00pm Welcome Toast/Prayer
7:10pm Dinner
7:45pm Toasts
8:00pm Father // Daughter & Mother // Son dances
8:10pm Open dancing
9:15pm Cake cutting
9:20pm Bouquet/garter toss
9:30pm Open dancing
10:00pm Photographers leave

Must Have Shot List & Shot List Manager

Don't worry, your list is easy to create, this list should only list family photos that you must have, I'll give you a sample list to use as a guide. Your shot list manager is CRUCIAL to making sure that this all goes smooth. We do not need your manager to tell us what to do but rather to help us find your family members by name on your list. You should assign this job to someone who likes to help and be in control! We generally ask that participants get called as needed to avoid people near by using cameras and cell phones which create distractions therefore doubling our time getting through the list.

Use this guide below but when you make your list, make sure you are using names for each member.

Before the Bride and Groom See Each Other

► Bride with mom and dad
► Bride with dad
► Bride with mom
► Bride with immediate family 
► Bride with siblings
► Generational shot: Bride, mom, sister(s), grandmother
► Bride with mom and mother-in-law
► Bride with mother-in-law
► Bride with bridesmaids
► Bride with maid of honor
► Bride with flower girl(s)

► Groom with mom and dad
► Groom with dad
► Groom with mom
► Groom with immediate family
► Groom with siblings 
► Generational shot: Groom, father, brother(s), grandfather
► Groom with father and father-in-law
► Groom with father-in-law
► Groom with groomsmen
► Groom with best man
► Groom with ring bearer(s)

Photos Together

► Bride and groom  (formal shot session time set aside for these)
► Bride, groom, bride's immediate family
► Bride, groom, bride's parents
► Bride, groom, groom's immediate family   
► Bride, groom, groom's parents
► Bride, groom, both sets of parents
► Bride, groom, both immediate families
► Bride, groom, siblings
► Bride, groom, all grandparents
► Bride, groom, each grandparent (or set of grandparents)
► Bride and groom with extended families
► Bride, groom, maid of honor, best man 
► Bride, groom, flower girl, ring bearer 
► Bride with groomsmen
► Groom with bridesmaids 
► Bride, groom, full wedding party