"persist with your dreams"

The time is almost here to celebrate!  I am thrilled to announce that I'm finally in a studio and it feels absolutely wonderful!  Being in a *real* studio and working a job that I am so passionate about  has been a dream come true.

Starting out with an “office” in my home and a small studio set up in our garage I now have what I can only call a “dream office”,  in a “dream studio.”  Moving in, however, is exciting & scary at the same time.  It's a surreal experience.  Transitioning to my new space so far has been overwhelming but many of you have shared amazing encouraging words reminding me of how this is possible.

To celebrate successfully acquiring the new studio which is slowly coming together, I’ve decided to have an Open House, as well as a few weeks of promotions which I will be announcing soon!  

Looking forward to seeing you at the new space!