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My new wife and I have known of Miki’s photography for years, and loved how she captured friends, the community, and especially weddings. When we booked her for our wedding, it was one of the easiest and best decisions. Miki took beautiful engagement shots right at our home, and worked with us so professionally and easily to get ready for our big day. And we were not disappointed!

Miki captured every special moment from our wedding, from getting ready to rings, walking down the aisle, our first married kiss, and all the in-betweens. My favorite shots are the ones of our family, which turned out so, so beautifully I want to frame and hang them all!

And Miki was attentive, thoughtful, direct, and always thinking of what we needed. She asked how to address friends and family (Mr, Mrs, boi/girl/boy). made sure everyone was comfortable with her and understood the process, and that, most importantly, she was there to document our long-awaited wedding day - and we could not be more happy with the results.

We’ve referred Miki to friends, and everyone has been happy with her work. Looking forward to working with Miki again!

Alison P.
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My fiancé and I had been stalking Miki’s work for the last 6 months. We loved what we saw and decided that she would be the one to document our special day (which isn’t for another 7 months). She listened to what we wanted in our engagement photo shoot and boy did she deliver. I’m ecstatic about the resulting photo gallery. I also feel guilty because I have so many beautiful photos to share, but only so much space on our save the dates. Miki truly cares about her clients; she takes your vision and translates it into your beautiful story! We are so looking forward to our wedding day and we look forward to seeing it all being captured by Miki’s camera! R&A
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Miki was so great to work with. Not only was she professional, but she was funny and easy to get along with. She provided great advice before the engagement photo shoot as well as prior to the wedding. The day of went very smoothly with her direction — she did a wonderful job coordinating and directing our guests. She even helped our close friend in need during the ceremony. We are so blessed to have had Miki work with us. OH! And the photos are gorgeous!! She got them to us VERY QUICKLY, everyone was so pleasantly surprised with the turnaround time!
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Best Photographer posted 10/28/2013
Miki was the best person we could have picked for our wedding. From the first meeting to the last snap, it felt like she was part of the family. There were times we didn’t even know she was there. Photos were wonderful and truly captured every moment. - E.K
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Thank you Miki Vargas Photography!
The time, care and professionalism was outstanding. Miki lead our family photo shoot with such ease and style, the shoot surpassed ALL my expectations. The clear direction and vision was simply incredible! The children cheerfully responded to Miki’s playful personality and this, in turn, made Mommy and Daddy calm and relaxed!! We had a super fun time with the shoot and it shows in the beautiful photographs. Thank you for capturing this moment in time...we’ll cherish these photos forever! Thank you! - Stephanie C
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Miki was fabulous! We needed a photographer at the last minute for a special family occasion and Miki juggled her schedule to accommodate us. She was unobtrusive while taking the candid photos and captured some great posed shots. Miki got the photos to us in less than a week. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again!! - Bridget

We saw Miki shoot another wedding before ours. She was amazing! We met talked and found out we knew each other from previous events. She shot our engagement photos and they were amazing! It was a wonderful casual and relaxed event. Miki has a wicked sense of humor so she kept us laughing all the time.

Then our wedding came....can I just say, I can’t believe how amazing the photos were. She captured my partner at the first look and it was amazing. Every detail, she caught and made everyone in my family look good.

I can’t recommend her enough! I see many more photos being taken by her in the future. - Erika R.
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Miki, thank you!! These are so wonderful. You really have a knack for capturing those special moments. I love all the pictures of people hugging, the photobooth shots, the ceremony - just incredible. The colors are gorgeous.- Theresa

I can’t express how thankful I am that my husband and I found Miki just a few weeks before our wedding day after a previous photographer had cancelled. When we met with her to discuss the plan for wedding photography she was full of insightful ideas and immediately put us at ease. The day of our wedding she worked to get as many good shots as possible, stayed for hours beyond the agreed-upon time limit, and displayed such professionalism that many of our guests later commented on how great she had been. Best of all, the pictures she took were unbelievably stunning. There is no dissonance between the way I felt on that joyful day and the way it is captured in the pictures; when I look at them, I’m there again. I could not have asked for a better experience, from start to finish.
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Miki! Holy cow! That looks insanely good.

Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day so remarkable and comfortable. We were all so impressed with your professionalism and skill, and the fact that we didn’t even notice you during the ceremony is a true testament to those qualities as well. We can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. -Dan

Miki recently shot my wedding and did an AMAZING job. She had to take the role of primary photographer at the last minute, and accomodated me with no problems. She was able to get great shots, even though my wedding guests were constantly in her way. She is incredibly reasonably priced, very professional, and super creative with her angles and editing. She also has a really fast turnaround (compared to a lot of other photographers I spoke with) for getting your photos back to you. Christina G
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Miki is an amazing photographer! She captured our wedding day beautifully and she’s so easy to work with. Her excitement and passion for her work comes through in the final photographs. Her photographs are nicely composed, romantic, artistic, and elegant. Everyone and everything looks FANTASTIC! All of the guests at the wedding were completely impressed with her professionalism and extremely friendly personality. She definitely put people at ease!

Miki puts a lot of work into her photographs and makes sure that her clients get what they want. She is professional, affordable, and accommodating. My partner and I highly recommend Miki - she is a gem and her work is stunning- Maria W!
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I’d been following MV Photography for almost a year before contacting her, I liked the perspective and quirkyness of the photos I’d seen. Once we set a date for our wedding, I contacted her and she responded right away. I was thrilled to find out she was able to work within our budget and she sent me her contract very soon after our phone chat. The contract was simple, easy to read and there were no scary, surprise fees. On our scheduled engagement shoot date, my fiance was very sick but trying to be a trooper and Miki was super patient with us. She found the most amazing spots to shoot, full of texture and natural light. Miki and her awesome assistant made us really comfortable and kept things fun and light. Three days after the shoot she sent our proofs! We loved the photos, but my fiance felt she looked ill, and not her lively self and we both felt we could have done a better job of being more expressive. After discussing this with Miki she agreed to a second engagement shoot! On the second shoot she was again patient, and had pre-picked more amazing sites. We ended up liking so many of the photographs we changed our “Save the Date “ design to include four photos instead of one. Miki has been a pleasure to work with, very professional and her work is everything we’d hoped for and more, we can’t wait for her to shoot our wedding!! - Joy T
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I cannot say enough good things about Miki Vargas. She took a picture of my then boyfriend and I a while back and I ended up friending her and following her work on facebook. Eventually my boyfriend and I became engaged at what time I hired Miki to photograph our wedding. She has the warmest personality and a fantastic eye! She did a run through with me ahead of time, was cheerful and flexible during the wedding, and when I saw the shots she captured, I was thrilled. I would say she was able to be present and capture moments that were pricesless.

I also asked Miki to take pictures at my fathers memorial which she graciously did. I will admit that Miki and I have become friends, because without hesitation she has come to my rescue and been my number one go to photographer during some of the most intimate moments in my life. She has been insanely generous and a lot of fun to work with!!
— http://www.yelp.com/biz/miki-vargas-photography-oakland

Joy and I checked out the photos and we LOVE all of them. Thank you so much for making our engagement photo shoot a wonderful experience. You are definitely the photographer that we’ve been looking for! We want to book with you! Please let us know how to secure the date with you. Thank you! - Christian R

Working with Miki was wonderful. She is very professional and delivers an exceptional product. Miki photographed our wedding and she captured so many beautiful moments. Her candid shots are some of our favorites. She has a great personality and she puts people at ease to capture the best moments. Her work truly displays her passion for her craft. Miki is an amazing photographer and we could not be happier we chose her to photograph our special day. - Alison
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