Hello my name is Miki (the little one on the left) and my wife-to-be Chinue on the right. I'm a modern-journalistic lifestyle and wedding photographer and together we run our wedding photography business. 

I was born and raised in Costa Rica and came to live in the US when I was 15-years old. Photography has always been my passion but I fell deeply in love with wedding photography and have since then had the pleasure of witnessing some incredible unions and met some remarkable people.

We understand that each couple and wedding is a one of kind. Therefore our creative approach changes with every wedding. We capture images that are unique to every couple's story.

We love to travel, hiking, chocolate and good meals.  Chinue is my best friend, and my camera my second best friend.  We love to work with couples who are adventurers, have similar likes, who don't mind trying new things and just want to have fun!


Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day so remarkable and comfortable. We were all so impressed with your professionalism and skill, and the fact that we didn’t even notice you during the ceremony is a true testament to those qualities as well.
— Dan & Julia